Assigning a player to a team for training only

There may be some players that you have attached to your club for training sessions only. The new 'Training Only' button allows you to assign these players to a team, without having to register them with the league. 

1. The start of the process is the same as if you were registering a player, click into the player's details from the 'All Players' tab and then click on 'Add to team'.

2. Select the team you want to assign the player to and click 'Assign Player'. 

3. This will take you to the registration form, and this is where you can click the 'Training Only' button. 

Note: If you are assigning a player for 'Training Only', you do not need to gain consent, add mandatory player info, or verify ID.

4. A message will pop up confirming that the player won't be submitted to the league for this team. Click Confirm. 

5. When you go into the player's registrations it will show as 'Training Only' for that team. 

Players assigned to a team for training only will still appear in that team's filter too. 

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