How to cancel a registration (League Guidance)

The following guidance is for leagues on how they cancel a registration. For clubs guidance please visit this article: How to withdraw or cancel a registration request (Club Guidance

The following guidance is for league's on how they can cancel a registration.

To cancel a player's registration, you will first need to find them in the list of 'All players' in your Competitions Portal. Use the search bar and/or filters to find specific players easily. 

Click into the player.

Note: Make sure the player is showing as 'Registered', or else you wont be able to cancel the registration. 

Then click into the 'Registrations' tab and you will see the player's league registrations listed below. 

You can then select which league registrations you would like to cancel, by using the tick boxes on the left hand side. Ticking the one next to 'Team Name' will select all. 

Then just click on 'De-Register Player' on the right hand side. 

This screen will then pop up asking you to confirm, and will show you how many registrations you are cancelling. Just click on 'Confirm cancellation' to complete the process. You can also backdate the cancellation if you need to. 

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