Adding Suspension Matches on Whole Game System


Step One - Re-finding the Red Card or Misconduct Charge on Whole Game System

If you have acknowledged and paid the Charge on Whole Game System, it will not show on the screen below, so you will need to click on the "Send Offs" or "Misconduct" box to find it and then click on the Case ID:

Step Two - Checking if matches are already assigned to the suspension

Once within the Case ID, look for the section below which details the suspension and if any matches are already assigned:

Step Three - Adding matches to a suspension

If you need to add matches to the suspension, press the "Manage Matches" button which will take you to the "Matches" tile on Whole Game System.

If a match already exists within Whole Game System, it will appear here. You can assign it to the suspension by pressing the "Suspensions" button. Also, if the match is subsequently Abandoned or Postponed, you can change the status by clicking the relevant option. 

Abandoned Matches do not count as Suspension Matches

If you need to add a match as it doesn't appear, press the "New Match" option and add the details below:

Once you press "Create", the match should automatically add to any current suspensions. You can check by pressing the "Suspensions" button and it should show:

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