How to submit new ideas, features or requests for our products

If you have a new idea, new feature, new request or a change you'd like to see made to either: Clubs Portal, Competitions Portal, Matchday App or FA Full-Time - you can now do so from our community forums.

Click the below link to jump to a section:

How to find our "Enhancement request" section

1. Go to and Log in to the site by clicking the "Login" button found in the top right of your screen

If you have previously raised a ticket to the Grassroots Service Desk, you can use your email address in order to set a password by clicking "Forgot my password".

We would recommend using your Google, Twitter or Facebook account to sign in as this will mean you do not have to create a new login just for this site. You can do this by clicking on one of the relevant buttons:

Please note: Your email address and password for the site are not the same as your FA Account login. This is to ensure that if you were ever locked out of your FA Account that you can still access support

2. Head to "" and click the "forums" button.

3. Find the relevant section you wish to suggest an idea for, then click on the tab which says "Enhancement requests" followed by your particular product.

How to request a new idea

1. Once you've found your relevant section, click on the "Start New Topic" function - this is where any new ideas should be posted.

2. You will now see a form to complete, please include the title of your enhancement (preferably an overview of your idea) and then followed by a message box. Please include as much detail as you can as to explain your idea, you can also include images, videos and attach files as needed.

Once you've completed your request please click "Submit".

Please note: in order to safeguard our visitors we currently moderate all posts to the forum so there may be a delay of 1 working day for your post to appear on the site after you have submitted it.

3. You can track the status of all requests once we review them by clicking the filters at the top of the page and each post will be marked with the next actions once reviewed by the product team:


Planned - this is a planned change to the product and is in the product roadmap but currently, there are no confirmed timelines are in place.

In Progress - this change/request is currently being worked on by the development team

Deferred - this change/request won't immediately be actioned but will be reconsidered in the future

Implemented - this change/request has been reviewed and actioned by our team and has been released into our product

Not Taken - this change/request has not been taken forwards

Browsing, "up-voting" and commenting on other ideas

Alongside suggesting your own ideas, this is a great place to up-vote other people's suggestions. By up-voting other ideas, it will allow the product team to better prioritise their releases and the overall product road map.

1. You can browse all Enhancement requests by using the filters along the top of the page:

2. To see more detail and to "up-vote", click on the relevant topic:

3. At the bottom of the first post, you will see the button "Do you like this idea" you can click this button in order to up-vote their suggestion.

At the bottom of the page is also the opportunity for you to add your own comments to the ideas.

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