Acknowledging Yellow and Red Cards on Whole Game System


Step One - Accessing Whole Game System

Firstly, you will need to login to WGS, using your email and password. Upon login, navigate to your relevant Club Tab across the top of the screen and then the Discipline Tile on the left. 

Please note, you will need a Club role on WGS in order to access Disciplinary data. Information on how to be added as a Discipline Officer is available here.

Step Two - Finding the Yellow or Red Card

Within the Discipline tile you should see the screen below. Click on the "Case ID" number to take you to the Yellow or Red Card.

Step Three - Acknowledging the Yellow or Red Card

Once in the Case ID number, it will show details of the offence and the offender. It also shows the date the response (acknowledgment) is due. To acknowledge the Card, click on the "Acknowledge" button in the top right corner. 

Warning - you will only be able to acknowledge the Card if the Players Details are on their FAN, i.e. Name, DOB, Address. If any details are missing, please refer to Step Four

Step Four - Updating Player Details

If you need to update the details of a Player, click on their Name on the screen shown at Step Three, then click "Update Details" as below. You can then add the mandatory details. 

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