League officials - Introduction to The FA Player Registration System

New, quick, slick - online player registration has been rebooted and league officials will find it easier than ever to register their players using the brand new Player Registration System.

In this article we will run you through some of the new and improved features which we think will make a real difference to how you administer your league!

1. Quicker & Slicker

After a complete re-design we are pleased to say our brand new Player Registration System will offer quick & speedy administration. No more spinning wheels!

2. Mobile optimised design

You can finally leave your desktop PC at home when going on a pre-season holiday as the new Player Registration System has brand new screens optimised to enable you to complete your league admin regardless of the device you use.

3. Improved download options

After listening to league officials around the country, we know that you wanted increased options when using our export tools. Our new downloads through the Player Registration System gives you much more detail to allow information including: Club, Team, Date of Registration, Date Submitted, Consent (whether it's online/offline),email address/parents email address and lots more.

4. Enhanced audit history for league officials

We've listened and know how important it is for league officials to have complete oversight of the changes within their competitions, therefore we have added enhanced auditing for leagues including the visibility of: Assigned registration numbers, who has submitted a registration from a club, what date and time it has been submitted as well as who has approved the registration from the league's perspective.

5. Additional filtering

We understand that administering your leagues can mean you need to shift through a lot of data... fast. We are now enabling you to do this quicker than ever with our enhanced filtering options including: Registration Status, Gender, Competition, Team, Age group, whether or not they've been transferred and much more.

We believe the new Player Registration System will transform how football is administrated and we are really excited to show you more. Bookings are now open to join one of our virtual training sessions. Sign up by clicking here

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