Players & Parents - Introduction to The FA Player Registration System

New, quick, slick - online player registration has been rebooted and players/parents will find it easier than ever to register themselves or their child to their club using the brand new Player Registration System.

In this article we will run you through some of the new and improved features which we think will make a real difference to how you sign up to play!

1. Self Registration Form

After listening to players & volunteers, we know you're often having to dig out a pen and provide your personal details to your football clubs on paper forms. We knew we could help so we've added a brand new "Self-Registration Form", which clubs will send to you via an online link, allowing you to input your details and feed it straight back into your club's online system ready for you to be registered and get playing!

2. Improved online consent

We know returning paper forms to your club is a lengthy process. It's easy to misplace them or put off completing it until you get pestered by your club. Again, we believe we have the answer. Our improved online consent allows clubs to send a "consent" form to your email address to complete. They can now resend these emails if they get lost, and crucially if you provide online consent to your club it will last for 5 years! Offline consent will still only last 1 year.

3. Mobile optimised design

You can finally leave your desktop PC at home when going on holiday as the new Player Registration System has brand new screens optimised to enable you to complete your club admin regardless of the device you use.  As a player you can easily update your personal details at, approve your consent or complete your self-registration form. As a parent you can complete all of these processes on behalf of your child or children.

4. Improved Parental Linking (For parents)

You no longer have to provide your full name, date of birth and address to your club secretary in order to be linked to your child, instead just provide the email address and then you can complete the rest within our secure site using the much enhanced "Email Capture Tool".

5. Submit your/your child's medical & accessibility information

You are now able to submit any medical and accessibility information, relating to you or your child, straight to the club to be securely stored within the Player Registration System for the safety of you and your child/children.

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