Linking a existing referee to a Whole Game System account

If you have a referee who is already created in FA Full-Time and is over the age of 16 then you do have the ability to be able to link this referee to Whole Game System data.

Please note: In order to get a linking suggestion three fields need to match their Whole Game System record. These fields are: Name, Date Of Birth, Email Address or FAN

1. Go to People > List People > Role = Referee

2. If you are able to link any referees, then they will appear under "WGS Referee Linking Suggestions" - 

3. Any differences between your data and the data shown in Whole Game System will be highlighted in red, the data from WGS will be the new data for that referee if they are linked

4. You can then check the referee's box and click "Link selected referees" this will then link their data in Full-Time to WGS.

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