Add referee from WGS feature

There is new functionality within FA Full-Time to add a referee directly from Whole Game System. 

This means their details will be linked to any detail updates they make in Whole Game System and means you don't have to keep your own records. 

Tip: Adding a referee from Whole Game System is the quickest way of adding new referees to your league and doesn't require you to collect the referee's contact information.

1. Go to People > List People and using the dropdown select the role "Referee"

2. This will generate a list of referees already created within your Full-Time site, if the referee you need is not visible then please click "Add referee from WGS"

If this button isn't available, please go to this guidance: WGS Linking isn't available

3. This will bring up a list of referee's associated with your County FA's inputted within your "Affiliation" information (Please see section 1 if you need to allocate more County's). 

Some details have been blurred to protect personal information

4, Click "Create Referee" in order to create the referee within your site.

5. A message at the top of the screen will inform you that you have successfully added the referee

6. From within your 'list people' tab, the referee's details will now be linked with Whole Game System (meaning any updates to contact details will transfer to your site) and the referee's level will be displayed after their name

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