How to postpone a match in Matchday App

Postponing a match can easily be done in The FA Matchday App, if you don't have access to the app it can also be done within FA Full-Time - guidance available here: Completing Match Returns in Full-Time

Video guidance is available below and written guidance further down the page.

1. Login to The FA Matchday App

2. Go to the fixtures tab

3. Click the "Setup" tab next to the fixture you wish to postpone

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Game Status"

5. Set the "Game Status" to 'postponed' and then select your postponement reason > then click 'done'

6. Remember to click "Confirm and tell squad" or else this won't be saved. Once you've clicked this button it will then inform your team that the match is postponed and update Full-Time

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