Using the Safeguarding Tab

Only the roles of Club Welfare Officer, Secretary & Secretary Assistant can access the Safeguarding tab

To access the Safeguarding tab, click on your club roll and select Safeguarding from the left hand menu

You will be presented with a list of all your club coaches plus anyone with a team role. Under the name of each individual you will see 6 qualifications which will be highlighted depending on the status; 

Green = In-date

Amber = Expiring Soon

Red = Expired

Blue = Individual does not hold this qualification 

If the individual does hold the qualifications, you will see the date it was achieved.

SG = Safeguarding Children Workshop

EA = Emergency Aid

WOW = Welfare Officer Workshop

SCM = Safeguarding For Committee Members

SAM = Safeguarding Adults Module

Underneath the qualifications, you will see a list of the roles the individual holds within your club


You can filter by name or by status of qualification on the Safeguarding page. Typing the name or FAN of an individual into the text box will narrow down your list until you get to the person you're looking. You can also use the status by qualification filters in the grey bar. Clicking on the qualification you wish to look at, you can then filter by In Date, Expiring Soon and Out Of Date. This gives you a quick and easy way to see who within your club need to take action before a qualification expires. Once you've finished with a filter, you can click Clear Filters to return to seeing the full list of officials. 

In the filter bar, you also have the option to export the data to a PDF.

Updating Coaches Details

If an individual has logged into an FA Platform within the last 12 months, you will be unable to edit their details under GDPR. Those individuals will need to update their own data through their own account

By clicking on the coaches name, you will be able to see their data and update details like adding a photo for the squad list by clicking edit under the photo space

If the coach is deemed to own their own account you will see;

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