Initiating a DBS through Whole Game System

Please note that the above video references an old layout however the process is still the same

Firstly, you will need to login to WGS, using your email and password. Upon login, navigate to your relevant Club Tab across the top of the screen.


Click on the DBS Applications tab down the left side of the screen.


This will load your DBS section on WGS, as below. 


You will see this allows you to “Add New Official” like your Club Officials and Team Officials pages and will require standard information to search for the said person, to see if they have a FAN.  

It is here you add a new DBS Applicant, when entering details of the person you are looking to find, once you click search you will see details such as below. You will only see email, phone and Previous Club if WGS cannot find a match to the details you enter. 


If you click on the “Add as DBS Applicant” button, this will add the individual to your DBS Applicants list, for a DBS Application to be undertaken. It will also show the individual as not started.  


At this stage, it is important you ensure that the personal details of the individual are up to date, and that their FAN shows correct names. If the FAN Record name requires amending, please contact your County FA who can update this, and show a “Known As” if birth name is different to that the individual is known as day to day. Most importantly, the individual email must be correct, otherwise they will not receive the auto email to commence their DBS at a later stage. 

The applicant will then need to access Whole Game through their login to continue with the process. 

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