Adding a Team Official

Only Club Officials with the relevant permissions can add Team Officials

1) To add a Team Official, please go to the Club Portal ( and click on the 'Officials' tab on the left hand side. Then click on 'Add Official' in the top right.  

Note: If the person is already an official in your club and you're just adding them to another role, please skip this step and go straight to step 3.


2) You can then search for the individual by entering their full name & date of birth. You can also search by email and post code to narrow the search further, by clicking the 'More Options' button. 

Once you have searched and found the person, just click on 'Add to Club'.

3) Now that the Official has been added to your club, go back to the 'All Officials' tab and find the official - you can use the search bar to find them if there are lots of officials in your club. 

Then click on the little pencil icon on the right hand side, this will bring up the full list of Club and Team Official roles that you can add them as. 

4) Click on the 'Team Roles' tab and you'll see the list of roles on the left hand side. 

Once you click on a role, it will bring up a list of teams that you can add them to. 

Then finally, select the team that you wish to add the official to, scroll down and click on confirm. You're all done! 


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