Allowing league & team administrators to update Primary Contacts

This guidance is for League administrators following a Full-Time update in September 2020 allowing teams to update Primary Contacts

League administrators can update who can update Primary Contacts within FA Full-Time using the "Roles & Security" tab.

Please note: Guidance on how to update primary contacts is here - Updating Primary Contacts

1. Firstly go to Setup > League options

2. Click "Define the roles and security within your league" on the side tab and next to options

3. Click the specific "Role" you wish to update the settings for. For example if you are a league admin and your primary contacts button is no longer visible then you will need to "Override" your settings next to League Administrator.

4. To enable the role you selected to edit Primary Contacts please check "People - maintain primary contacts for your teams"

To enable this for your team admins, you'll need to go into "Team Administrator" role and check the below box.

Remember to click "Update" to save your changes.

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