Removing players from Matchday App

All player data from the Matchday App is generated by the Clubs Portal Player Registration System. This means in order to remove any players from the app, you will need to do so in Clubs Portal.

The following roles in Clubs Portal are required to make these changes:
- Club Secretary

- Club Chairperson

- Club Welfare Officer 

- Club Player Registration Officer 

- Assistants to any of the above roles.

If you're not currently named as one of these roles then please contact people who are in order to make these changes or request to be added in by your Club Secretary.

WARNING: You can only detach players who are not league registered. If the player is league registered please contact your league to enquire about a transfer or de-registering the player.

Please note: changes may take up to 72 hours to be reflected in Matchday


Player has left your club

If the player has left your club completely, you will need to detach them from your club..

1. Go to Clubs Portal > Ensure you're selected as the correct club > Navigate to the 'all players' tab.

2. Check the checkbox of the player you wish to detach (or multiple checkboxes) and click "detach".

3. 'Detach player' to remove them from your squad list. You can always add them back if necessary. 

Player is playing for a different team within the same club

If the player is playing for a different team then you will need to "remove from team" within the Clubs Portal.

1. Go to the Clubs Portal > Click the Pending Actions tab.

2. Click into the player you wish to remove from a team:

3. Then uncheck the box next to the team you wish to remove this player from.

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