(County FA Guidance) Setting up County Cups

WARNING: This guidance is for County FA's only looking to setup their County Cups within FA Full-Time

This guidance will take you through both setting up a new season and setting up your cup competition within FA Full-Time.


How to setup a new season in Full-Time

Setting up a new season is required prior to the creation of any new competitions for the season however cup entries can be processed in Whole Game System prior to the season being created in Full-Time.

1. Go to Setup > Seasons

2. Click "Create New"

3. Type in your season dates then click "Create" - we would recommend 1st July to 31st May

Creating a new cup in Full-Time

1. Click Cups > Create new cup

2. Each cup competition within Full-Time will need to be matched to the competition season within Whole Game System in order to create a link between Full-Time & WGS. 

Find your County Cup within CRM > Click "Competition Seasons" on the left hand side then click the relevant season you wish to create the cup for. 

This will give you a "Onside Tournament ID" - please copy this number

4. Go back to Full-Time and after clicking "Create New Cup" input the "Onside Tournament ID"

5. Full-Time will produce the name of the competition as it is entered on WGS (this can be edited within Full-Time later) as well as a list of teams that have entered into the cup on WGS. Please click "Create new cup"

6. You'll be asked to confirm the name and format of your competition as well as the number of teams teams which will play in the fist round and that will then create the number of rounds required.

7. Your cup will then be setup within FA-Full-Time.

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