How can I see money owed from a previous season?

During season rollover,  any outstanding payments are removed in order to allow the payments system to be setup for the new season.

You can still easily find which players owe money to your club using the "reports" function, you are then able to setup new fee's to recover the monies owed.

1. Login to

2. From the home screen, click "Report"

3. Scroll down to "Previous Seasons" section and select the season you wish to download a report for.

4. If you are downloading annual fees, you can simply click "Download CSV Report", if you are downoading "pay as you play", you will need to firstly select the team you wish to find a report on then click "Download CSV Report"

5. The report will detail: The name of the user who was assigned a fee, the fee type, which installment the fee was (if monthly), how much was due to be paid and the payment status

Please note: Due amount is in decimal places ie. 1.5 = £1.50 owed

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