Assigning a player to a team (Launching March 2021)

WARNING: This guidance is only for pilot clubs from Isle Of Man FA, Guernsey FA or Jersey FA and for all clubs following New Player Registration launch in March 2021. For Registration Guidance not from this group, please visit:

In order to register a player, you will need to assign the player to all the teams they wish to play for in the upcoming season. Players can be assigned to more than one team should they need to.

Please see a video walkthrough below or scroll down for written guidance

1. Firstly go to your clubs portal and go to the pending actions tab

2. You will see under “Requirements” any players who are not yet assigned to a team.

Tip: You can search for specific players using the search bar.

3. Click on the player you wish to assign to a team.

4. Click on the teams you wish to assign the player to, you can multiple select team should you wish to.

5. The "Assign team" box will then turn green to signify they have been successfully assigned, and this will save automatically. 

Tip: You can bulk assign players by selecting multiple players then clicking "More > Assign to team".

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