League - How to approve or reject a player


Approving a player

Click on Pending Actions

This will show all your actions that are still left to complete. I.E. rejecting or removing a player. Most players will have a "pending league" status which means the action is with you as the league.

Select the tick box next to the players name and then click approve action. 

This will then allow you to back date the players registration before approving it. Do this by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the date you wish to back date too. 

When ready to approve, click Confirm Registration.

This player will now show under your registered players.

Rejecting a player

To reject the payer, select the player from the pending action screen and click on the reject button.

You will need to give a reason by selecting an option from the default reasons or enter your own reason in the specific rejection reason box. Confirm that you are rejecting this player. 

This will turn the player to a rejected status. 

This will then show to the club that the player has been rejected and the reason why.

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