Export player data

Exporting player data allows you to download all of your players, or all of those that you select, into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


Whole Club Export

1. Once you're logged in select 'export' dropdown menu, as shown below, and then click on 'Player information'.  'Confirm' your selection. This will export all of the players in your club into an Excel spreadsheet.

2. A message will be displayed informing you that the download is being prepared and you will receive an email when completed. 

3. You will receive an email when the download is ready and it will appear in the My Downloads section under My Club > Documentation > My Downloads

4. Click on the Download Icon in the Actions column

5. The Squad List will now appear in the My Downloads folder on your system. 


The export will display all of the different individual registrations for the players you have selected. We have 13 unique players in this example but Patrick Avenger has two different registrations as he plays for two teams in the club.

This gives you lots of information about your players. As well as the data visible in the above screenshot the export also gives you information about:

Date [player is] Submitted 

Date [player is] Registered

Registration Expiry

Registration Status - Rejected/Pending League Approval/Registered

Email Address 

Parent/Carer Name (if applicable)

Parent/Carer Address (if applicable)

Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact Phone Number

Emergency Contact Email

Other Clubs [that your players are associated with]

Consent Given - Offline/Online

Selected Team/Selected Players Export

If you don't wish to download that information for the whole club you can use the tick boxes, to the left of your players' names, to narrow down those that are exported. 

To do this tick the box of the player(s) that you'd like to export. You can also click the highlighted button next to the 'player name' column heading to select or deselect all the players in your club. 

Next to the total amount of players in your club you will have a running total of how many you have 'selected'.

Once you're happy with the players you have selected, click on the 'more' button and then 'export' and 'confirm' once again. 

Note: The players selected number in the first screenshot is matched by the number of players exported when confirming.

Using Filters To Help Focus Your Exports

If you have a large club it may be difficult to scroll through hundreds or thousands of players to select the few that you want to export.

Filtering your player data can help to do this.

Clicking the 'Show Filters' button, as highlighted, will present a number of different filters you can use to help narrow down your data. 

In this example let's search for all those players that are registered to play in the club. Select the 'status' filter and then 'registered'.

Then, tick the 'select all' box, the left of the 'Player Name' column heading, to select all 7 of those registered in this example and click 'Export' then click 'payer information' and 'Confirm' once again.

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