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Step 1: There are two ways to reschedule fixtures in Full Time. Using the reschedule tool or manually rescheduling them (click here to find out how to reschedule them manually). To use the reschedule tool, select fixtures and then scheduling / rescheduling.

Step 2: Then select reschedule.

Step 3: Select the number of hours rest you would like to give each team between fixtures, the number of times each team plays each other and the number of days that the same teams can’t play.

Step 4:  Time-slots are dates and times when fixtures will be scheduled (e.g. on Sat 26th Sep 15:00). The time-slot range (before and after) are used to allow you to vary a kick-off time (or date) across a number of hours (e.g. 15:00, -2 hours, +3 hours, allows for any kick-off time between 13:00 and 18:00 to be considered part of this time-slot. These +/- can be more than 24 hours if required e.g. Saturday 10:00 +30 hours allows a time-slot to cover a whole weekend). Using these ranges can reduce the number of time-slots that you have and it is less work for you to maintain availability in the next step.

All time-slots must be defined as either Primary or Secondary. Where possible, Primary time-slots are used first (e.g. a league may specify all Saturday time-slots as Primary, and midweek time-slots as Secondary, so the midweek time-slots are only used when required to complete the fixtures).

Once Created, it will then show you the fixture date and time, the time range start and end and also if the fixture slot is a priority or secondary fixture.

Step 5: Next is to select the availability of each Team and can filter the divisions on the left. The boxes left blank means they are available, so you will only need to tick dates for Teams that are not available on that selected date.

Step 6: Next is to apply any dates and times where specific teams cannot or must play a fixture.

Step 7: Here you can choose the matches that you want to reschedule. Select the type of match you want to reschedule then select either specific matches and press 'Add Checked' or all select all matches by pressing 'Add All'. Then press the tab 'Selected Matches' to begin rescheduling. You may need to setup time-slots in the 'Time-slots' tab before you can reschedule.

Step 8: This page will start re-arranging your fixtures. It does not automatically make the changes; they will be available for you to review before accepting/ rejecting on the next page. Press the reschedule button to reschedule your fixtures.

The scheduling options allow you to pick the date / time you want to start the scheduling from and then how long you would like the scheduler to take (for example fast has no smoothing options so will reschedule the chosen fixtures and quickly as possible. However, if you choose quick, medium or slow you will then be able to add smoothing options and add priorities for the scheduler to take into consideration).

Step 9: Once completed you will receive an email letting you know that the reschedule has finished. Once the page has been refreshed you will then see the fixture batch number, date and time the reschedule was completed and if you would like to accept or reject the new fixtures.


To review the new fixtures, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the proposed box. Here you can see the new proposed fixtures only, complete proposed schedule and the original fixture dates.

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