Change Date & Time of fixtures using Mass Update

When rescheduling fixtures in Full Time, there are three ways to do so. One option is to manually update the fixtures date and time. The other's are to use the reschedule tool (click here to find out how to use the reschedule tool) or the "Reschedule Postponed" option (click here to find out how to use reschedule postponed)

To manually update the date and time, select fixtures and then fixture list.

Use the filters at the top to filter to your chosen age group, fixture group, date, status or venue. Then if you wish to update all the fixtures showing on mass, click the tick box located below the number of fixtures. This will then allow you to select the green actions box where change date and time will be shown.

You can then choose the date and time that you would like to update the fixtures to, remember to click update once you have selected the correct date and time.

Please note: If you wish to change the date and time of a fixture with the status "Postponed" please use "Reschedule Postponed" button not "Change Date & Time"

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