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When creating fixtures in Full Time using the scheduler tools, you will see the four options below. The template scheduler is primarily for single / smaller size divisions.

Step 1: Selecting the template scheduler will then show you the divisions available, how many teams are in the division and the number of existing fixtures for that division. Select which division you would like to create fixtures for and click next step.

Step 2: It will then ask if you have any teams that share venues and whether you would like to create venue sharing pairs.

Step 3: Decide how many times you would like the teams to play each other.

Step 4: Decide if you would like to create repeating timeslots for fixtures (selecting the day, time and how many fixtures you would like to be created per timeslot), a single timeslot (creating one time slot for one date) or a closed timeslot (meaning no fixtures can be created for the given time on that date).

Step 5: After creating the repeating timeslots, choose if you would like the fixtures to be assigned to the timeslot / day as soon as possible or if you would like to enter a certain number of days break. (For example, changing the days one match number should span to ten would assign the time slot to the first block of games on 07/07/2019, then the next block of games would be ten days later and to the nearest day that was chosen for the repeat, in this case Sunday, so they would be at the same time but 21/07/2019).

Step 6: Creating a single timeslot works the same as the repeating timeslots but will only be assigned to one block of matches

Step 7: Creating a closed timeslot will block fixtures being assigned that chosen date and time. For example if you wanted to block a particular Sunday, select the date and choose closed all day and this would prevent any fixtures being assigned to that day.

Step 8: The system will then ask you to review the schedule and if happy with it, create fixtures.

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