Keeping your meeting safe

Top Tips to safeguard your call

With a new way of working, we're encountering new threats to be aware aware of. Below are just some steps to help safeguard your online calls which will have relevance regardless of the software you choose to use

1) Don't post your meeting link on Social Media - Posting the link on social media advertises your link to all whether that be to those you intend to see it, or those with more negative intentions. Best practice would be to email your meeting link direct to the people you wish to join your call

2)Set up a password for entry - Password protecting your call is a great way to stop random people joining your meeting. Just make sure your password isn't easy to guess, i.e. avoid Password1

3) Set up a meeting lobby - Having a lobby means the hosts have to admit attendees onto the call. If someone has got into your lobby who shouldn't be there, declining their request to join will cut them from the call before they've even had chance to join!

4) Lock your meeting- Once all your attendees are on the call, locking the call means that no one else can join, even if they have the correct password!

5) Set so only presenters can share their screen - This stops anyone else within the meeting from taking control of the screen by accident or if they have negative intentions. In MS Teams this can be done via the 'Meeting Options' link when setting up your meeting

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