Creating and Editing Venues

To create a Venue in Full Time, select the setup tab at the top and then venues. Then chose the create new box on the right.

This will then allow you to search for the venue using Pitchfinder, through either the name, address or postcode

You can then edit certain details about the venue including adding pitches and editing pitches, by using the edit function. Pitches can also be deleted if required. 

If there are historic venues showing that are 'Not Linked' you can link the ground to the location on PitchFinder if you wish by clicking on the select ground link. You can delete an existing venue on the right-hand side providing no fixtures or teams are assigned to that venue.

Now that the venue has been created, you can add which teams use that venue by selecting the setup tab at the top and then teams. Use the division drop down menu to filter to the correct division and then select edit next to the team you would like to add.

At the bottom of the screen you will be able to 'Add Venue'. You can then select the newly created venue from the drop-down menu and also select which number pitch they use if the venue has multiple pitches.

Then once the team has been linked to a venue you will see all the venues the team can use at the bottom of the page.

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