Turning your notifications on or off

Scroll down to the bottom to check notifications are being approved by your phone too.

To turn your Matchday notifications on or off head to your 'account' tab and select 'settings'. 

Then flick the slider on Matchday to 'on' position. This will then be highlighted in blue, and to the right, which confirms it is on and correct.

Phone Settings

If you are experiencing any issues with notifications then it's worth checking that your phone is allowing you to receive them.

Head to your settings page and find the 'notifications' option. Lots of smart phones now have search bars in their settings menu so you can search in here too.

Although this process will be slightly different across different phones, you should have some sort of indication of which apps are allowed to show notifications on your phone.

Use a search bar or filter, or simply scroll down to locate the Matchday app.

Make sure that, like in the app, the slider is switched to the 'on' position. You can also click onto the Matchday button here which will show you the app's permissions in more detail.

If all of these things are correct and your manager has tried to re-release the notification for you then please contact Matchday@thefa.com with details of which notification you were expecting to receive/send (ie match setup, training scheduled) and roughly what time this attempt was made. We can then check our logs for any bugs.

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