Referee marks

Part of entering the match report is marking the referee on their performance. Slide the three sliders to your adjudged score out of 40, 30 and 30 respectively.

If you award the referee a collective score lower than 60 then a box will appear which will require you to submit a minimum 50 character report on the reasons for the low score. You will not be able to submit the report if your score is below 60 and the text characters in the report are below 50.

This example was done with our FA test team in our test league so no referee was assigned to the fixture. You are only able to edit the referee's name if you are the home team, and this is only if you are not assigned a referee for your fixture or if your ref pulls out for whatever reason it may be. If you're the away team you will not able to change the name of the referee under any circumstances.

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