Approving and Locking Results and Statistics

As a league administrator you can adjust the setting for locking fixture statistics and approving / locking scores. To do this select the setup tab from the top, league options and then approval and locking.

The first option is to lock fixture statistics which prevents team administrators from updating them once the fixture has ended.

The second option is approving and locking scorelines where you will have four choices;

  • To manually approve each result, which also locks the score
  • To manually approve the result but lock the score separately
  • To have the results auto-approved for immediate publishing / scores cannot be locked
  • To auto-approve the results for immediate publishing / scores can be locked

If you need to unlock a result so the statistics / results can changed, select the results tab > results > results and stats.

Then when you have found the result you would like to edit you can then untick the box for home or away statistics locked. This will then allow both the League and Team Administrators to edit the result and statistics.

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