Editing access for league/team officials

As a league administrator in Full Time you have the option to define the roles and security within the league for your team/league officials. This allows you to select which tabs you wish for your relevant administrators to access. 

To do this select the setup tab at the top, then league options and then “define the roles and security within your league”.

This will then bring up a list of the various roles you can assign to individuals and the security options they currently have assigned. 

If you wish to remove a role from the league, untick the box next the role title and click on 'Update'. This can be done for all roles except for referees and team administrators. The default security is the permission that are automatically assigned for that role and overridden security is when the default security settings for that role have been edited. Selecting the override/edit button will show you the list of permissions.

For example, the picture below is the list of default security permissions that comes with a fixtures secretary.  As a league administrator you can then select any extra permissions you would like to grant the fixtures secretary (for example if you wanted to allow them to assign officials to fixtures as well, tick the box and then select update). Or you could remove some of the default options, choosing only those related to fixtures such as “the creation of new fixtures”, “fixtures – ability to see hidden fixtures” and “enter results for teams” so the fixtures secretary could only access the fixtures tab

Each role is can be edited apart from the two mentioned and up to each league on how they wish to set this up.

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