MS Teams Live Events (250+ Attendees) - Managing The Call

Managing a Live Event can become quite tricky, especially if its your first time hosting! Below are some top tips to help your AGM run smoothly.

Running an online poll

There are a number of options available to you to poll quickly online, one we'd recommend that's quick to set up and easy to vote on is 

Its free to create an account and is easy to share via an announcement in your Live Event for attendees to vote. Simply Type your question and add the options for answers

Then head to Settings to get the poll compliant with the regulations you need to fill. In 'Basic' ensure its set to one vote  per person. A confirmation message after voting is automatically added, you can remove or customise this to fit your requirements. 

Next switch to 'Advanced'  and select 'Custom' in the Text Field Box. You can then add a field for the voter to write which club they're voting on behalf of and allows you to ensure each club only gets one vote. Each vote is also logged with their IP address to ensure no one is attempting to vote on behalf of someone else under a different name 

Finally click 'Share' to get the link which can then be posted out during the meeting. If you have created an account you will be able to track the voters/clubs in the 'Results' tab.

Your attendees will see the poll like this;

Assigning Roles

To ensure a smooth running of your live event we would suggest;

Organiser/Producer: This person will ensure the right content is shared at the right time. We found most success in this role if they share the powerpoint content and keep their slides in presentation mode at all times. If other content needs to be shared, have a presenter share their screen and the audience will be seamlessly taken across to the presenter. When its time to come back to you, re select powerpoint to be shared and you'll see a seamless transition back to you without the audience seeing any of the presenter view.

For your AGM you may find it easier to have the slide deck running, then when it comes to voting, have a presenter share poll-maker until the results are in, then switch back to your slide deck

Presenter 1: This person will share specific content when the time is right. 

Presenter 2: Monitors the Q&A and will publicly ask them at an appropriate time

Top Tips to remember 

When you're not speaking, ensure you're muted to reduce background noise but be aware to unmute yourself when its your time to speak!

Live Events run at a slight delay but that can be up to 20 seconds so ensure you give your attendees enough time ask questions, complete any actions ie Vote or respond to announcements.

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