MS Teams Live Events (250+ Attendees) - Scheduling

For meetings with over 250 attendees, MS Teams has the ability to run a 'Live Event' which increases capacity to 10,000 attendees. You may require your County FA to set this up for you.

Please note, a Live Event does not allow attendees to speak using audio, they can only interact with the presenting team using Q&A and any online poll will need to be hosted outside of the call but we have a solution further along in the article.

How to schedule a Live Event

Head to your calendar in Teams and click on the drop down arrow in the top right of the screen and select Live Event.

You'll then be presented with the live set up screen where you can add the following details;

Title - The name of your event. Eg ELFA AGM 2020

Location - If you have a physical location the event will be broadcast from you can add that here. In the main this will be left blank

Start & End - Add your start date and time

Details - Add your event details, this would be a great place to add your AGM

Organiser - Choose if you're a Presenter or Producer

Presenters - Add any colleagues that will be helping you by entering their email address

Once complete click Next

You'll now be given the choice of audience for your Teams Live Event - You will need to select 'Public' to ensure that any one with a link will be able to access the event

Below this you will see further options to choose from

Will will focus on the Teams option as this will be the main option most will choose. An external app or device is for instances where you have an external encoder.

Recording available to producers and presenter - This Is automatically enabled and cannot be changed

Recording available to attendees - This means a recording of the event will be created for anyone that missed the event or who wants to watch it back later

Captions (preview) - If enabled, you will be able to see text captions based on the audio. Be aware this functionality isn't the most accurate if you've a strong accent (As a fast talking Lancastrian, I can confirm its not much use for me!)

Attendee engagement report - Enabling this will give you information on the attendees, a great way to double check who has attended the call

Q&A - We encourage this to be switched on so that attendees can interact and ask questions to the presenting team

Once you've selected the options, click the 'Schedule' button and you'll see the following screen

Clicking 'Get attendee link' will copy the event URL for attendees which you can paste into your email invitation to your clubs. This link will also serve as the link to the recording once the meeting has finished for attendees who couldn't make it or may want to rewatch the event

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