Running an online AGM - Best Practice Guide


Set your meeting up well in advance and share the meeting link with your attendees along with your agenda as this will give your attendees time to familiarise themselves with the application you're hosting your call on. We recommend using Microsoft Teams for your meeting but be aware of the 250 participant limit. If you use Microsoft Teams you can find our guide for users to join online here which you can send out with your meeting link.

Before the meeting, prepare a slide or document for a Landing Page so users know they're in the right place when they log in plus any other messages you wish to show before you start your meeting. You can find our guide to creating a Landing Page here.

Being on an online call can lead to some attendees becoming easily distracted, a great way to keep them engaged is to create a slide deck for your meeting. Proposed Rule Changes, Election Of Officers etc can all be broken down into slides and shared whilst conducting the meeting. 

Time for the meeting

Log into your call around 15 minutes before your scheduled start time to ensure your video & audio are working as you'd expect. Share your slide deck with the Landing Page on show ready for attendees to join the meeting. Mute your mic and get yourself ready for the meeting (having a drink on hand is always a good idea!). If you're running the session with one or more people, make sure everyones clear on their roles and responsibilities and also understands their controls. For more information about the different roles we recommend click here

Now its meeting time, check that people can hear you and hit record as this will serve as great tool for the secretary when taking minutes. Finally check that everyone is muted to reduce background noise and then you're good to go.

During the meeting, make sure that someone is monitoring the chat and that people have the ability to get their opinions across through the call. Having natural stops to take questions is a great way to maintain the flow of the meeting.

When It comes to voting, run an online poll for attendees giving them the option to cast their votes as per regulations. Remember to give everyone enough time to cast their vote as some users maybe slower in understanding of how to cast their vote.

At the end of the meeting, leaving the call usually ends the recording which will then be processed by your platform and will usually be resurfaced by email to you.

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