What is a Landing Screen and do I need one?

A landing screen is what an attendee will see when they first join the meeting. We always recommend having a landing screen to assure your attendees know that they're in the right place and also give them information to help your meeting run smoothly. 

How do I display a Landing Screen?

Create your Landing Screen in PowerPoint or any alternative software you use then share it before your attendees log in. Creating it in PowerPoint means that you can cycle through slides throughout the meeting meaning attendees don't have to refer back to separate documents whilst trying to concentrate on your meeting.

What should I put on my Landing Screen?

Its completely up to you but we advise that you brand your slide with your logo and colours to maintain your identity. We would also suggest points from the below;

  • Welcome to ________'s AGM
  • Meeting will commence at ___ pm
  • Please ensure you're muted whilst not speaking to reduce background noise
  • Please use the Chat to raise any questions
  • This meeting will be recorded and stored on file

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