Setting your club up on PayPal for Matchday - 9+ teams

In order to complete the steps needed to open a PayPal business account you’ll need:

  • to be the Chair, Secretary or Treasurer of your football club
  • to have access to your club’s account in the Whole Game System
  • to have access to your club’s banking information and documentation in order to verify your club’s details

Start by logging into Whole Game System and heading to your club chairman/secretary/treasurer tab. Then click on your ‘finance’ and ‘Matchday/PayPal setup’ tabs and select ‘create account’.

You will then be taken to a PayPal portal where you can either sign in if you have an existing PayPal account for your club or fill in your details for a new account associated to your football club. This will have to be via an email that is not currently connected to PayPal.

If your club has 9 or more teams, you will require a bank account in the club’s own name before you can create a PayPal business account. This will need to be a ‘Not-for-profit organisation’.


Follow the steps, fill out or provide your information and confirm.

Once everything is submitted, PayPal will review the application and confirm or tell you what you need to do to have it confirmed in 10-12 working days. Once confirmed you will be able to use the Payments Portal, at, to set up fees to be assigned to your players.

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