Editing Venue of an Event

A couple of changes that you can make to your event need to be confirmed and edited in your original application first before they can apply to your event, as you won't be able to edit them at the 'Edit Event' stage. One of these is the venue of your sessions.


Venue changes must be approved by your County FA, so you need to re-visit your original, approved application first. Once you’ve changed or added a venue in there, you need to re-submit your application to your County for re-approval.

To add a venue in the application, simply press the 'Add New Venue' button as demonstrated below and fill out the details. To replace the existing venue, just type the new venue name in the search box, hit 'Find Venue', and then choose from the list below. Save the change and re-submit the application back to your County FA to look over.

When it’s been re-approved by your County FA (the same one to whom you made the initial application), the originally-approved venue will appear in the drop-down list when you create your event. But now, you can change it or add a session and insert the newly-approved venue.

If you add a new venue on top of your original venue in your application so that you now have two (or more) venues to choose from, the new venue will only be able to be selected and used for any future new sessions you create and not any sessions which were already be listed in your 'Upcoming Sessions' before you made the change. This is because these sessions were created with your first venue used.

If you no longer want to use your first venue on your upcoming sessions, you will have to cancel all your sessions that have the old venue associated to it and then create new sessions to use the new venue with. Any new sessions made after the newly-approved venue change will have the option of the new venue to be used.

Alternatively, you can edit the venue of a single session with one of the other venues listed on your application by going to your specified event, clicking on an upcoming session that you need a different venue for, and using the pencil icon to change the venue to one listed in your approved application.

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