Creating an Account via The Events Platform

If you don't yet have a FA account, you'll need to create one in order to access the Events Platform and use our other FA systems and portals too.

Please note: This article outlines the method of creating a new FA account using the Events Platform only. You can also create a new FA account using our other portals and sites, such as Whole Game System or the FA website (

To get one is very easy. Go to and click on 'Create an Account', then follow the steps from there with your details. These details include basic things such as your home address, email address, date of birth among others.

Once complete, this will generate your unique FAN (FA Number) which you can use to easily sign in to all FA products and services from now on.

Why Do You Need To Create An Account?

Each person who uses any FA product - including the FA Events Platform - will need to create a FA account. The reason for creating an account is to validate the identification of parents/carers who wish to use the Events Platform (which provides Weetabix Wildcats, Snickers Protein Just Play, Squad and Age UK Walking Football sessions to be booked online). This is typically done using an email address and your date of birth. Validating the identity of parents and carers is key to the safeguarding of young people (who may be present at Weetabix Wildcats or Squad providers as participants) and vulnerable adults (who may be present at Snickers Protein Just Play or Age UK Walking Football providers as participants).

The validation of personal data such as name, email address and date of birth allow us to safeguard access to Events Platform and the child FAN record when a parent/carer is assigned to their FAN. Whilst some people may be used to providing two unique identifiers, the addition of a date of birth allows us to add a third - and therefore ensure parents being linked are legitimate and can verify their details on gaining access or setting a password to their account.

Some of the benefits of creating an account include:

  • Contact details for every registered participant in affiliated football in England allowing them access to the fast-growing FA digital offer, such as the Events Platform.
  • Ability for the FA to directly communicate with participants relating to their football involvement, i.e. safeguarding messages to parents/carers can be communicated directly, qualification expiry reminders, and session bookings.
  • Saving Weetabix Wildcats, Snickers Protein Just Play, Squad and Age UK Walking Football provider volunteers time and money by making registers and other administration processes quicker and more efficient.
  • Allowing an individual to manage their own data and update this when required now registration is online.

In addition, and specifically for Weetabix Wildcats and Squad, parents/carers booking their daughter onto either of these sessions would need to create a FAN and go through the booking process because the girls themselves would not be old enough to create their own account. Since the Weetabix Wildcats programme is 5-11 years old and the Squad programme is 12-14 years old, the parent/carer would need to take responsibility for their youth's football in terms of emails, updates and contact information for the provider they are a part of.

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