Full guidance on registering players using WGS

Below is FULL GUIDANCE of how to register a player using Whole Game System

We also recently recorded our Player Registration Webinar which includes a full demonstration and is available below

Step 1: searching for players

To search for a player who isn’t in your players list you will need to visit the player registration tab within your Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Chairman, Treasurer or Player Registration Officer tab at the top of the page.

You will then have to click ‘Search Player’.

You will then have to add the first name and surname of the player into the first box or the FAN Number (If you know it). You will also have to add the players date of birth with the third option being a postcode although the postcode is not mandatory in the player search but will help the system find the player.

You will need to select tick box next to the player(s) that you wish to mark as consent given.

From this you will need to select either select “request consent” or “confirm offline consent”




  1. Types of consent

Offline consent: 

By confirming offline consent, you are confirming you have completed a player registration form or have written consent that the player wishes to play for your club.
 Failure to provide this form, will bring further action from your league




Online consent:

When a club “requests consent” Whole game system will validate that there is an email address on that players FAN record.

If the player is under the age of 16, a parent or guardian with an email address will need to have their FAN number linked to the players FAN number to gain consent. A guide for this can be found here.  If there is no email address associated with the player, an error message will be displayed informing the club that there is no email address therefore the online consent request cannot be sent.

If an email address is present for the player/parents, whole game system will send a personalised email that will contain a unique link. The player/parent will need to click on “Respond to Request” within the email which will open the following page within the browser.





















The player/parent is asked to validate their own Date Of Birth – this is the stage the player/parent agrees or declines to play for the specified club












The consent status is then updated in whole game system from pending to consent.





The player will then receive a personalised email confirming their choice.


 Step 3: Assigning players to a team

  • In your player registration tab you will see a box next to each listed player.
  • Once you click on this box it’ll be a banner up along the top of the screen with several options. To assign the player to the team click the ‘Assign to team’ button.
TIP: If you have multiple players you want to assign to the same team, you can tick the checkbox all of those players and assign at once!

  • A list of teams that your player is eligible to play for will appear and you simply click the team and confirm the assignment.

  • You will be asked if your player is eligible to play for you and you have done the necessary checks around international clearance.

  • Once you confirm this and press ok the player will be assigned to your team.

Step 4: Assigning ID Checks

Some leagues may require clubs to validate the checking of ID for the players.


Click on the players name, you will then see the option for ID checks.
















Click on Add ID check and select what documentation you have seen as the club and confirm you have verified. In some cases, very few leagues may require more than one ID.



Once selecting the relevant documents, you will need to select which official has completed the check on behalf of the club – enter the date this was seen – then select “Add ID Check”to complete this process





Step 5: Adding a player photo

This is optional – however some leagues may require that each player registered has a photograph attached. Registration photos help will be stored securely with only relevant club and league officials having access. Photographs uploaded within WGS will not be placed within the public domain.


To add a photograph for a player, you can do this by clicking on the player and then edit details. You will then have the option to drag or drop a photo onto the page or search for it.














Once the photo has been added you can then crop or rotate as required. Once you are happy with the photo – click save


Tip: You can also add a photo to the player by click on the thumbnail of next to the players name




Step 6: Submitting to the League


In order to submit to the league, you will need to ensure that you have met the requirements set by your league in order to register a player.


The following steps are what you need to check before submitting:

1. Is the player assigned to the team(s)?
2. Do you have consent from the player or parent if under 16?
3. Have you added any relevant ID checks?
4. Have you added a photo to the player records?


If you tick the box next to the player you wish to submit to the league, you will see the options appear at the top of the screen. You will need to select “submit to league”



You will then see a screen in regard to international clearance.

Please make sure you ask the player/parents if they have player outside of England before. If they have they may require International Clearance. Please email registrations@thefa.com for information regarding international clearance. 







If they have not player outside of England – you can tick the first box

If they have played outside of England but they have clearance which you have seen proof of this, you can tick the second box.

If they have played outside of England and you have no proof of clearance, DO NOT submit this player to the league. Please contact registrations@thefa.com        


Once you have submitted the player to the league, the league registration status will change to pending. 

This will then show in the leagues WGS portal and will be their decision to approve this


When the league have approved the players registration – the league status will change from pending to registered.

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