Creating a division

All divisions that a league requires in Full-Time must firstly be created within Whole Game System, this can be done using the League Structure tab.

1. Log into Whole Game System ( and click "League Structure" down the left-hand side and then "Add Division".

Any division with teams assigned to it will be marked as "Active", to deactivate a team see step 3

2. Edit the details for your division. You cannot name two divisions by the same name and instead should re-activate the old division. Once you're happy with your changes click "Add Division".

3. Your division is now created, to activate and push across to Full-Time it will need to have teams assigned to it (see adding teams to division article: )

4. To make a division inactive, it must have no teams within the division (to remove teams please go to the teams tab). Providing the division has no teams, check the tick box and then click "Set as inactive" at the top

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