Required roles for Matchday App

Here's a definitive list of all roles that now have access to the Matchday APP, including a recent update which has expanded the number of roles with that eligibility. All of these can be added via the club officials and team officials tab in Whole Game System.

  • Team Manager
  • Team Asst Manager
  • Team Coach
  • Team Asst Coach
  • Club Chairman     

  • Club Secretary     

  • Club Secretary (Asst.)     

  • Club Treasurer   

  • Club Welfare Officer     

  • Club Vice Chairman     

  • Club Match Secretary     

  • Club Match Secretary (Asst.)     

  • Club Youth Secretary

And for the Payments Portal, at

  • Club Secretary
  • Club Treasurer
  • Club Chairman

If you are a player: You can ask your manager who can check if you appear on the squad list or your club secretary/player registration officer who can check if you are correctly league registered. Whichever team role has ‘League: Registered’ by it means, as a player, you should be able to see that team in Matchday.

Click here if you are a parent to know you're correctly linked to your child.

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