Approving a transfer through WGS (League)

If a club are signing a player from the same league or from a team that play on the same day of the week then a transfer or dual registration will be required. 

Part 1:

Once a transfer has been initiated it will appear in the leagues "transfer decision" box for a league official to action.      

Start Transfer – This is used when the league wishes to start the transfer process. It will notify the club that the player is transferring from of the transfer process starting. It will move the decision to the "Transfers" box to await further action. 

Reject – This button will reject the registration and inform the initiating club of the reason which can be inputted when the league hit the button.

Dual Registration – This button will retain the registration of the serving club and also create a new membership with the initiating club. This is used when a player wishes to play for 2 teams with the same day of play


Part 2:

Approving/Rejecting transfers

You can view transfers in the "transfers" box. This is where you will have the option to approve or reject a transfer by selecting either option.

If the served club has raised an objection you will see an amber objection option. Clicking on this will show the objection reason the club has given.

In SCOR/Y it states that a club has up to 3 days to object the transfer. It is therefore the leagues decision as to whether they wish to approve immediately (which they can do) or wait for three days. 

In most if not all cases, the transfer has to be approved, as SCOR/Y does not permit them being rejected for kits, fees outstanding etc, only reference to this is if a Debt Recovery action is in place, with the CFA between the Club and Player owing money.


Clicking "approve transfer" will remove the league registration with the old team and show them as league registered for their new team 


Clicking "reject" will bring  a pop up for you to write a mandatory rejection reason that will be shown to the club on the players rejected status bar




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