Getting Started With Matchday

To log in to Matchday you may need to double check you have all your FA data in order. Here's a breakdown of what you can do as a player or parent and what you can do as a club official. 


Players/Parents - Checking If You Can Sign In

You can always check if you will be able to log in to Matchday by attempting to log in to Enter in your email and password and click sign in.

You will then be taken to your My Account page, which gives you lots of information about your FA data including your name, DOB and all the teams you have given consent too. 

For Parents/Guardians: you will be able to see all of your linked children on the My Account page, as well as all of the consent you've given to their clubs. If you cannot see your child/ren on this page you need to ask you club to link you and that child together.

If you are able to sign into My Account then, as long as your club have added you to a team correctly and you see your club in the consent section, you will be able to sign into Matchday with the exact same login details.

Players/Parents - Unable to Sign In

You may try to sign in to the Matchday app, or to, and receive this error message:

If you do please go to and click 'Sign in Using FAN'. 

This will then take you through a process that will claim your FAN and email and make it unique so you will no longer have any duplicate accounts that share your email. A full breakdown of this process is here.

Clubs - Ensuring players/parents can sign in 

As a club official, this includes chairmen, secretaries, treasurers and player registration officers, you need to make sure that each player has been assigned to a team in your club, has given consent and has been league approved. Here's a full breakdown on registering a player correctly. 

As long as your player is registered correctly then it becomes their responsibility, unless you've added your email to those players in bulk, to make sure they have no duplicates. 

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