How to register my league to use the Player Registration System Complete Walk-through

The below guidance is for LEAGUES only, clubs cannot register their players without the league being online for Whole Game System Player Registration.


Step 1: Sign Up

If you are interested in using Whole Game System Player Registration System then firstly please email from here, our dedicated Service Desk will be able to set your league up onto the Whole Game System.

Step 2: Whole Game System Setup

Once you've contacted the Service Desk, the team will activate the "Player Registration Requirements" tab within your Whole Game System. This is where you can customise the setup for your league and mandate different requirements for each registration which is submitted.

To find the Player Registration Requirements tab, please go to, login with your FA Credentials, click your role at the top (ie. League Secretary) then click "Player Registration Requirements"

Step 3: Set your requirements

Within the requirements tab you will need to set the league start date at the top, this is where you will be able to set the date clubs can begin submitting players to your league. 

You can then create specific requirements for your league, you can create different requirements across your divisions if for example you have differing requirements. If you click the "edit" button you will be able to see all of the different options you can set, this includes Photo Upload, Mandatory ID checks and mandating email addresses.

Once the edit button has been clicked:You can set different requirements for each division by selecting them from the drop down:

Please note: Once your requirements are set, please click "UPDATE REQUIREMENT" and contact: Once your start date has been surpassed your clubs will be able to submit players to the league.

Step 4: Integration with Full-Time

Once the league structure & teams tab are opened on Whole Game System (Usually in July prior to the season start) the league can begin to set their league constitution within Whole Game System which will then transfer to Full-Time.

1. Once opened, the league will create its divisions using “league structure” tab and will allocate teams to these divisions using the "Teams" tab. The league structure tab will only show teams who have affiliated, as long as teams are correctly assigned within the teams tab then integration will work.

2. Additional divisions can be created within the League Structure Tab

3. Teams should be assigned to the correct division using the "teams" tab, if any teams are missing please inform your County FA with a list of these or contact

4. League informs County FA that the league structure is complete and ready to be integrated to Full Time

5. County FA checks the league structure is correct

6. County FA informs Player Registration Team that League Structure is ready for integration

7. Player Registration Team transfer all Leagues/Divisions/Teams/Team officials across to Full Time

8. League is able to set up fixtures using Full Time

Please note: You must contact your County FA when you are ready to integrate your data from Whole Game System. This is only required once per season.

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