How to invite your team to Matchday

Getting your team on to Matchday is now easier than ever as it can all be done directly from the app.


Video Breakdown

Please Note: You may not need to 'invite' players to the app as they may already be eligible to log in. If your players have an existing green tick in the email column (and parent column if they're a youth player) then they just need to sign in with their regular FA email and password.

Inviting Parents/Players Through The Squad Tab

Firstly, select the player who requires some data input. This is the same for both parent and player.

Then, enter the player or parent's email address and click the small paper aeroplane. This will release an email to the player or their parent.

That address will then receive the following email:

After following the instructions on screen you should then be able to sign in to the Matchday app.

Coaches of youth teams get the same view but with an extra column for parental links.

Grey, Amber or Green Indicators.

Grey - Indicates that no data has been entered on Matchday or no data is present in Clubs Portal ie no email exists against a player or no parent has been linked.

Amber - Data has been added but you're waiting on the player/parent to take some action. For example an email may have been added to a youth player but the parent hasn't followed the link and confirmed the connection. Or everything else is correct but the player is yet to log in to Matchday.

Green - Data has been input and the action is complete. The email column will turn green after an email is added, either in Matchday or Clubs Portal. The parent column will turn green when a parent link is established, either through the Matchday invite or directly in Clubs Portal. The Matchday column will turn green when that player or parent has logged in to the app.

"Unable To Add Email"

After entering your player's email address you may receive an 'Unable to Add Email' message. 

This means that this player or parent's email address already exists on The FA systems. 

You should then revert back to the Clubs Portal and ensure:

  • The player/parent's email is correct.
  • (If a youth player) The parent is correctly linked.

If all data is correct then ask that user to reset their password here - and then attempt a login with their email and freshly set password.

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