League Officials guidance on Team Administrators

League officials are no longer able to edit Team Administrators information within Full-Time. The roles will automatically integrate to Full-Time based on the information supplied by the clubs. Every Team Administrator will integrate in Full-Time however they will not automatically be given a Full-Time login.

The league can assign "Primary contacts" via people > Primary contacts. This role allows that persons details to be shown in the Full-Time automated email. By default, the primary contact will be the first role created and if multiple are created at the same time then "Manager" will be defaulted. 

All team admins will continue to receive Full-Time automated emails but only the Primary contact's details will be displayed within the message

These will need to be added this season into Full-Time. Anyone listed as a Team Administrator (by the club in WGS) will appear in the drop down for the league to select. Again, the league is able to set 2 SMS contacts.

If a contact has not gone across to Full-Time from WGS then either:

A) the team hasn't yet affiliated
B) The person was not listed as a Manager/Assistant/Coach when they were affiliated and therefore the club needs to add them as a "Team Secretary" by going to Team Officials on the WGS > Add Official. The details of that Manager will then transfer across to Full-Time.

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