Payment locked as 'Pending'

We are aware of some payments being locked as 'Pending' on the Matchday App. This occurs when the payment/app is exited midway through the payment process, and should automatically refresh after 48 hours. However in some cases the payments are not automatically refreshing, and the team are currently looking into why. 

5 people have this problem
  • A fix for this is due to be released W/C 28/08

  • Fix pushed back to w/c 04/09 to accommodate other bug fixes

  • We have had a couple of delays with this fix due to the last couple of weekends being extremely busy for other functionality in the app. We appreciate that this issue is affecting a wide number of users and is a priority to get resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and we hope to have an update for you soon regarding the release of this fix.

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