Missing Players

We are currently aware of an issue whereby the Club/Competition portal and Full time are not synching 100% correctly with the following issues identified

1. When a player registration is processed in Portal the start date of the registration in full time is the date it was approved and not the date that is selected for the start date of the registration (this affects any registrations that are being backdated)

2. When registrations are cancelled in the Portal the end date in Full Time is not being updated and the player is still showing for the Team(s)

3. We are currently aware of an issue where players registered since 11th October 2022 may not be showing on Full Time. A work around that will correct the majority of these players is for the league to backdate the registration in the Competitions Portal by 1 day, this appears to then push the player through correctly although the start date of the registration will be affected.

The Development Team are looking into this and working on a fix

3 people have this problem
  • This issue is affecting our league also
  • We believe that we have now found the root cause of this issue and we hope to be able to release a fix shortly. 

  • Will the fix 'fix' the ones that havent gone across since 11/10? Or is it up to leagues to check each of the players registered since then? I have registered over 230 players in the last month

  • A fix has now been created for this issue and is subject to final testing. We are hopeful that this will be released by Friday 27th January

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