Potential Duplicate Person Message

We are aware of issues surrounding a potential duplicate person message preventing clubs from updating individuals details / uploading a new photo and also returning players in the search with no date of birth.

This is being investigated and updates will be posted below. 

Workaround For Uploading A New Photo

When you first go to change photo you get the possible duplicate message and it won’t let you proceed without contacting CFA, however if you first go edit player and temporarily change some of the text (i.e remove address line 2 or change the nationality) then confirm the changes and then go in again to change the photo and re add the removed text or change the nationality back you can then change the photo and submit to the league.

A fix is being implemented for this soon therefor the workaround is temporary.

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  • What , Can I do as I get the duplicate message when I even try and edit the player? 

    Wen do you estimate that the fix will be implemented?

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