Rogue Clubs Showing in Club Filter In Competitions Portal All Players Tab

We are aware that using the club filter in the competition portal all players tab is generating rogue clubs. 

This is being investigated and any updates will be posted below.

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  • Our League is having a similar problem where teams are appearing even though they are set as inactive on Whole Game System e.g. Hockley British Legion First

    In addition there appears to be two separate listings for most clubs, one showing last seasons details and one this seasons but in some circumstances these are not correct.

    Please see screen shots attached

    Hockley British Legion - inactive team

    Prittlewell - two of each team with correct competitions 

    United of Basildon - two of each team but one with incorrect information

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  • UPDATE : We are aiming to release a fix for this on the 3rd August. Updates will be posted below.

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