WGS League affiliation process - ideas for improvement


A couple of ideas for improving the League affiliation process.

1. Ability to archive/delete unused/unwanted divisions or development groups (suggested previously)

The lists are becoming very long and unmanageable, and often are included in counts of divisions even when they are not active.  There needs to be some way of hiding unwanted or unused divisions or development groups, and cup competitions.  I know we have some in our list that were created by mistake and have never been used.

In addition, the filtering when in League Structure keeps clearing if you move to a new page, or save changes, e.g. making some divisions/dev groups inactive.  It is making things very cumbersome.

2.  Inclusion of clubs/teams in League list only when the club has confirmed the teams in their affiliation for each season.

Every season, we have clubs and teams that have rollovered automatically but are not entered into the League.  This can include clubs that have folded the season before.  County FAs don't wanto to remove them in case there is something outstanding, e.g. money outstanding, but they add extra work, particularly if you are trying to spot which teams have been entered and not added to a division, but are mixed up with teams that have not been entered that season.

All the best.


  • I would endorse these improvements. Deleting Divisions/Development Groups would make it easier to sort through the rubbish and mistakes. If you could Edit would it be an improvement The rolled over Clubs/Teams is again an irritation and causes confusion. We work with 4 County FA's some are good and some are slow. 

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