No Parent/carer error or parent email missing

We've had some reports of clubs being unable to submit players to the league and an error message being displayed as "player does not have a connected parent/carer" (as per the below) and "Parent/Carer does not have email address"


We are currently investigating this 

Apologies for any inconvenience caused

38 people have this problem
  • UPDATE: The team has performed some data-fixes to the system this morning which should allow players who have previously had this error to be submitted.

    New players/parent links may still face this issue whilst we try to rectify the root cause.

  • UPDATE: Fix has been found and is currently undergoing testing, data fixes will continue whilst testing takes place.

  • UPDATE: Overnight, a hot fix will be released into portal to fix -

    a) Parent/Carer with emails returning an error message that they do not have an email

    b) Flagging missing data which is actually available

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